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1) Can you tell us something about your childhood? Did you already have particular perceptions? And how did you live your youth?
Ever since I can remember, I've seen faces and heard voices from the spirit world.
When I was a small child, I would be terrified of going to bed at night because as soon as the lights were turned out, the faces would loom over me and voices would whisper in my ear. I was also afraid of my parents, who were not the gentlest or the most sensitive people and when I showed any kind of fear, my Mothers response would be an immediate slap on the head or worse. So growing up I had two fears, I had the fear of the spirit world and the fear of my parents. In my teenage years, I became very involved with a drama group in school and also with my church because this was my way of being anybody but myself, pretending to be another person through acting, was a relief and release of the fears that were always lurking in the back of my head.
Consequently, I was very shy, very easily intimidated and a very quiet child always preferring my own company to the company of others and very introverted.

2) What do you think when a person tells you to own a "gift"? By what criteria can understand that this is true or is it just an illusion?
Everybody is born with the gift to heal and everybody is born with an intuitive sense or knowing. There are many ways that we can develop these gifts. As a teacher, I am able to train people to acknowledge the gifts that they have and to develop those gifts further. So I feel it is very important that if someone wants to acknowledge their gift and take it further, they need to find a good teacher who can help them to know what is real and what is imagined. Further, I will always apply the "Three time rule" and encourage my students to do the same.
For example: Someone may see or feel their dead mother standing next to them and they will ask, am I imagining this? Or is this real? If it happens once, It's possible that its real or imagined. If it happens twice, there is more of a possibility that it's real but there is still a little doubt. However, if it happens a third time. Accept the "Three time rule" and accept that your mother is standing next to you and that it's not your imagination but that you mother is really visiting you.

3) What do you think about Angels? How many Angels are there around each of us? And what tasks do they have?
When I first began my work as a medium and healer I was not sure whether angles existed for real or in our imagination. Since that time, I now have had many, many experiences of angels in many, many different environments and circumstances. I believe that we all have our angels who are around us in times of need but they come and go. What we all need to understand, is that our angels have only one task and that is to perform Gods bidding. They don't come around us because we want them there. They are around us when God sends them to us and they stay with us until God asks them to return. Their function is purely to do Gods bidding and only Gods Bidding.

4) What is the difference between an Angel and a Spirit Guide?
As I've just explained an Angel is purely working with God and doing Gods bidding. A spirit guide is a highly evolved and intellectual entity who works with people like myself, guiding and steering us in the work that we do. Not everybody has a spirit guide by any means. Spirit guides are purely to help and guide those of us who work with the spirit world, who use their gifts on a full time basis. However, each of us have our friends and loved ones in the spirit world and our family in the spirit world. Who are there to guide and steer us as much as we allow them to.

5) Why are people so afraid of death, according to you?
Not everyone is afraid of death and dying. Those of us who are afraid because it's the unknown and it is in our human nature to be afraid of the unknown. Once people have experienced what it's like to be able to communicate with their loved ones in the spirit world. Or received messages of hope and love from those in the spirit world, they become less afraid and have a fuller understanding that death is only the beginning and not the end at all. As a spiritual medium and healer, at this moment in my life. I have only one fear concerning my own death. That is, I will leave my daughter and my grandson behind and if they will be devastated by this. My fears are for them but not for myself. How they will handle my not being here and not for myself.

6) In a world where hope seems almost an illusion, what would you like to say to people who are suffering and who believe that they can not ever be happy?
In my world and in the way I live my life, I see the world as filled with hope . I do not see hope as an illusion, I see hope as that thing that drives me forward and wants me to make my life better than it is. Life is a choice and our choices are about our attitudes and if you have a negative attitude, You will draw to you all negative things. If you have a positive attitude, you will draw all positive things to you I personally choose positivity and I choose to believe in hope!

7) What are your future plans? Will you be back to Italy?
I would love to come back to Italy. It is one of my favorite places to be and the Italian people are some of the nicest people and most wonderful people I have met in my life. I am simply waiting to be asked. If anyone wants to schedule workshops, lectures, seminars. Please write to my office because I would love to consider all offers.

8) Is there anything that we have not talked about and that you want to say?
There are a million things that we haven't talked about, but of course we know we have limited space here. So I will end by saying to all of my fans and to all of your readers. Please keep hope in your hearts, please know that the spirit world is watching, please understand that your loved ones are close by and that one day you will see them again. My love to you all!!




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