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Conchita receives Platinum Award for her debut album "Conchita" and enters the Austrian Charts on Number One

On May 15th the debut album of Conchita Wurst has been released. On "Conchita" the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 shows her musical range, be it a power ballad, dance floor music, swing or pop. Conchita tops a remarkable and successful year with her first long-player. Her fans have always been on her side, be it in Paris, Sydney, Los Angeles or London. She appeared at the Life Ball 2015 and at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. There she hosted the Green Room and performed "Firestorm" and "You Are Unstoppable". On 21st of May Conchita was honored with the Platinum Award for her debut album. The award was handed over as a surprise during a press conference in the Wiener Stadthalle by Dietmar Lienbacher, Division Head of Sony Music Austria. Moreover her album entered the charts in Austria directly to number one position. But Conchita isn’t only successful in Austria. The iTunes trends are remarkable worldwide. The album reached Top 10 in twelve countries and in 15 other countries she reached Top 30.
Conchita messages to her fans today: "I call my fans The Unstoppables and they proved it, because receiving a Platinum Awards just a few days after release of my album and that it even entered the charts directly on Number One position make me speechless. I just want to say: Thank you." Dietmar Lienbacher: "We are very pleased with Conchita and congratulate for this wonderful success. To achieve a Platinum Award in such a short time can only work with remarkable artists and personalities."